Rules of Croquet

Croquet was all the rage in Europe, England and America in the 1800's. The game had a resurgence in popularity in the 1920's, especially in Hollywood. Famous players include Harpo Marx, Humphrey Bogart, Mark Twain and film producer Sam Goldwyn who so hated to lose, he bribed opponents with a Rolls Royce so as not to leave him with a difficult shot.

We must warn you that the romantic image of croquet is deceptive. Beneath the genteel surface of this classic lawn game lurks intrigue, sly moves and double crossing, (hence the bribery mentioned above.) Bizarrely, Harpo Marx was known to try to impress young inspiring actresses by showing them the temperature controlled room where he kept his croquet mallets. We hope those girls had a sturdy parasol to prod him with.

For your enjoyment (and a handy excuse to use your parasol,) we have included the rules of traditional (non-competition) 9 wicket croquet for you to download. Of course you must take your parasol to a croquet match! Your handsome match partner will surely hold it for you while you take your shot. (Check his name is not Harpo.)