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Website design, photography, copywriting:
Amanda Gibson
The 13th Floor

Website development:
Brad Lucas

A Bit Shady would like to thank our beautiful models who gave up their time to help us with this website: Kriss (thanks also to Ian), Nicole, Natalie, Madeleine, Ellen, Giulia, Julia, Jasmine, Gemma, Amy, Sarah, Courtney, Lisa and Jonah, Giotto and Miro (thanks also to Rowena), Nicole, Kiki and Nina, Ann-Claire, Sarah, Benita, Kim, Lisa and Paul

Thanks to Paul, Sven, Mark and Jenny for assistance with photoshoots. Model recruitment: Nancy Simpson and Maree Gibson. Raceday fascinators by Fiona Powell, Melbourne, (thankyou John!)

Thanks to all the lovely people who were kind enough to let us photograph parasols on their properties: National Trust Australia for allowing us to use images taken at the Labassa mansion: www.nattrust.com.au Our gothic model was photographed at Montsalvat. We love Montsalvat! Please visit if you’re in Melbourne (the food is fabulous and you can lunch with the peacocks!): www.montsalvat.com.au Simon and Leigh at Luna Park, Melbourne for help with the carousel shot: www.lunapark.com.au Thanks also to Annette and Graham Gould for the shots taken at their lavender farm, also Jenny and family for the shots taken at their 100-year-old plum orchard. Raceday shots taken at Flemington racecourse, Melbourne

Additional photography:

Second wedding image, (fabulous bride in red dress;) courtesy of David White: www.themelbournewedding.com.au

Sixth wedding image, (couple with lace parasol on railway tracks;) courtesy of Russell Murray: www.inlights.com.au

First and fourth wedding image, (couple on beach and couple with vintage car;) courtesy of Ken and Kathie Holt: www.romantagraphs.com.au