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Which parasols can I use in the rain?

All our monk parasols, except the brown paper one, are made of waterproof canvas and are great in the rain. They are made for the monsoon season in Asia and will keep you dry in a severe storm. Unlike many umbrellas, the monk parasols are made for extreme weather conditions and will not fall apart in high winds. Leave your monk parasol open to dry.

The Empress and Vixen parasols have canopies of polished cotton. We recommend to coat, (one coat is fine, two light coats is best,) the canopy with waterproofing spray. You can find waterproofing spray at most hardware shops and occasionally in supermarkets and haberdashers (sometimes known as fabric protector.) Once dry, this will make your parasol rainproof, even in heavy rain. It will also help keep stains off your beautiful parasol and keep it looking nicer for longer.

The lace parasols are not particularly useful in the rain, we have to say.