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What is A Bit Shady?

A Bit Shady is an Australian-based business created to design and distrubute fine parasols and provide a beautiful and practical way to help protect skin from the sun.

A Bit Shady is the passion of Jacqueline Rutland (who may be desended from the Duchess of Rutland, famous for introducing parasols as a fashion accessory to the United Kingdom a couple of hundred years ago.)

Jacqueline is a trained milliner, theatrical costume designer and parasol collector. She has worked in theatre as a Costume Supervisor in Sydney and around the world for over twenty years. She can often be found in the dark, in venues like the Sydney Opera House, Edinburgh Festival and Sydney Theatre.

A Bit Shady can also be found showcasing parasols at various festivals around Australia, notably WOMADelaide and the Woodford Festival.